Magic mirrors are great rarities, only capable of being created by a Ryan Mirrormaker. Traveling mirrors are the only way to cross between the two worlds, but at present passage is impossible, as the last known traveling mirror was broken sixteen years ago.

Soren’s mirror – a mirror that allows passage to In Between – the dimensional fold between the two worlds on either side of the mirror. Can only be entered by a Mirrormaker, or those specifically granted access by one. Oval, silver rim in the design of roses and thorned vines. Used by Soren Ryan as a workshop, as he couldn’t be interrupted there. Given to Beatrix Graham to hide, shortly before his death. Nicknamed “the orchard mirror” by Jul. The structure in the interior is generally called the Tower.

Bea’s mirror – a handmirror with the capability to locate anyone or anything, as well as protecting the wielder from being located through magical means. Can also be used for communication. Oval shaped, silver rim in the design of twining vines. A gift to Beatrix Graham from Soren Ryan.


The Tailor’s Sword – forged ages ago and imbued with the power of the Tailor line, this iron sword has the power to sever the soul from an immortal’s body. Previously kept by the Tailor family, it was stolen fifteen years ago. Whereabouts unknown.

The Wand of Willard the Mad – an iron wand with totally unpredictable spelling capabilities. Never bent to the will of any user. Currently on display in the Museum of Curiosities in Matoba in the Afterlands.

The Grey Ward – an iron shield capable of absorbing and reflecting incoming spells. Famously wielded by warrior priestess Theodora Vogel during the War of Temples. Kept at Runesong Monastery in the Afterlands.


The Crown of Angwar – a Weissager heirloom. Forged of iron, this crown will permanently absorb the magic powers of anyone who wears it. Intended to prevent a non-human from ascending the throne. The crown was lost during the conquest of Angwar castle.